Business Guide

We provide reliable products and services, by predicting the needs of our customers.


Based on the synergetic effect of detaining mold, equipment and mass-production departments, we provide high-quality products that appeal to the eyes of our customers.

Come to Yamaoka for precision press machining!” We provide support to any requests, from manufacturing molds and equipments or supplying products to production on commission or dispatching of technical staff.

Mold Department

We continuously provide high-quality molds by our “masterly technique”: the marriage between our results for over a half-century and our state-of-art precision machining devices.

Equipment Department

We give support to our customers by our high-quality equipments characteristic only to high-precision mold-makers, from various types of press machines to peripheral devices, assembly and inspection equipments.

Mass-production Department

We are prepared to do mass-production for press parts and resin products. As our production lines are self-manufactured, we can optimally comply with any kind of request, not restricted by lot sizes or product forms.

Contract Manufacturing Department

We comply to any kind of need by using our factories, designing staff and material acquisition functions endowed with various characteristics for high-quality manufacturing due to our unique know-how and educational system.

List Of Equipments