Contract Manufacturing Department (OEM Production)

Contract Manufacturing Department (OEM Production)

We accept any request for contract manufacturing, from semiconductor production equipment, FPD, solar batteries, various FA-related devices and top-class large-size equipments, to small-size units. Due to our unique internal education program, rooted on our company skill management (MOS) by the accumulation of many years of expertise so far, we have developed a system able to raise human resources so that they gain they complete set of skills in a short time. We are able to provide high-quality stable products, by our education and management system based on our skilled employees detaining national licenses.

From clean-oriented places to line-machine manufacturing-oriented places, our special factories make us able to respond to a large scale of needs.

Particularities And Strong Points

  1. Large ability to comply to tasks ranging from part acquisition to device procurement or installation services. Ability to undertake overall projects including design, due to the linkage with the equipment department.
  2. Ability to provide secure products due to the know-how accumulated until know and to our unique training program and management system.
  3. Ability to comply flexibly with any production volume, cost and delivery term, by rapidly optimizing staff, due to the close cooperation between each of our departments and our affiliated companies (Staff Dispatch made by Sazan Technocreate).

Production Factories

  • 2 buildings: Equipped with cranes, able also to comply with line-type production equipments

  • 3 buildings: Large assembly space that can comply with semiconductor/FPD machines (for clean electronics: 5000.10000/cf)