1938 Founder Noriaki Yamaoka starts manufacturing of press parts in Shogoin Sakyoku, Kyoto City
1954 Company changes into CO., LTD. Noriaki Yamaoka becomes first company president. Company capital is 1 mil. JPY
1962 Assembling factory in Joyo City, press factory moves into new building
1964 Awarded the Prize of the Director of Small- & Mid-size Company Agency
1969 Starts mold manufacturing
1970 Headquarter factory is newly built in Joyo City to concentrate all factories here. Capital is raised to 20 mil. JPY
1973 North Factory is newly built. Office computers are implemented.
1980 Development of semiconductor-related equipments
1981 Designated as Kyoto prefecture Small- & Mid-size Company Model Factory
1982 Development of floppy-disk punching equipment
1983 Awarded the Prize of the Director of Small- & Mid-size Company Agency
1984 South Factory is newly built (with clean rooms), affiliated company Yamaoka Seimitsu CO., LTD. is founded.
1985 CAD/CAM system for molds is implemented.
1986 Designated as Small- & Mid-size Company Model Factory by Small- & Mid-size Company Agency
1988 An area of 16,500 sqm for factory building is acquired within the Industrial Park of Ujitawara.
1989 Ujitawara Factory is completed, 1st Factory is newly build. Capital is raised to 48 mil. JPY
1991 New production management system is built
1992 Development of soft light presses
1994 CAD system for equipments is implemented
1995 Ujitawara 2nd Factory is newly build. The company is awarded with Kyoto Small- & Mid-size Company Prize for Excellent Technology
1997 Acquired ISO-9001 certification, awarded the Prize of the Minister of Labor
1998 Development of precision desktop servo micropresses
1999 Acquired ISO-14001 certification
2000 3D-CAD system for molds is implemented. Capital is raised to 62,4 mil. JPY
2001 Ujitawara 3rd Factory is newly build. Construction of the new building for Yamaoka Seimitsu CO., LTD. is completed.
2002 Certified by Kyoto Prefecture with “Eco Kyoto 21”
2003 R&D starts for nanoforming molds
2004 Two ultra precise special machining equipments implemented (development of ultra precise molds by industrial-academic partnership research)
Affiliated company Sazan Technocreate CO., LTD. is founded.
2005 Development of ultra-rigid 5-ton servo press. New mold production system is implemented.
2006 Two high-precision machining equipments are implemented. One high-precision electric discharge machine (lateral-wire type) is implemented.
2007 Ultra-precision image measuring equipment (ULTRA 350) is implemented
2008 Wire-type electric discharge machine EXC100L (the most precise in Japan) is implemented
Certified by Kyoto Prefecture as “Corporation that puts wisdom into work” (First Edition)
2009 50-ton injection machine and three mold-type piece-only forming-machining devices are implemented.
Selected by the Ministry for Economy and Industry among “The 300 energetic manufacturing corporations in 2009”
2010 Insertion-mold forming integrated production line is built by implementing vertical-type 40-ton injection machine, high-precision die-sinking electric discharge machine, high-precision wire-cut electric discharge machine, NC profile machining device.
Two high-precision 3D measuring devices are implemented
2011 100-ton injection machines are implemented. 3-D CAD system for equipments is implemented.
Employees of our company are certified by Kyoto Prefecture as “Contemporary master” and “Master of the future”
2012 High-precision die-sinking electric discharge machine, ultra-precision microscopes are added
Certified as Work-life Balanced Corporation by “Kyoto model”
Certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as “Child-breed supporting Corporation”
Decorated by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as “Excellent business institution regarding ability certification”