Press Machines

Press Machines

High-quality manufacturing needs excellent super-slim machining technology. Especially for molds and press machines used in press processing, high-quality including precision and rigidity are a must. Our press machines materialize the pressing device sought for by mold makers: upon high-precision and safety, they also add up multi-functionality and low noise. Assuring the rigidity and balancing requested by JIS special precision standards as a standard specification, our molds can adapt into a large variety of utilization environments, from simple light operations to high-end R&D and mass-production devices.

Servo Press Machines

0.3ton Desktop Servo Press (SBN-300)

Pressure force 0.3ton(2.9kN)
Power source AC100V
Installation area 450mm×420mm
Weight Approx. 35kg
Recommended size of mold 80mm×125mm×DH92mm
Stroke length 3.27mm (variable)
Open height 117mm
Stroke frequency 200spm/St10mm

1-ton Desktop Servo Press (SBN-1000)

Pressure force 1ton(9.8kN)
Power source AC200V
Installation area 355mm×616mm
Weight Approx. 93kg
Recommended size of mold 125mm×180mm×DH95mm
Stroke length 3∼60mm(variable)
Open height 150mm
Stroke frequency 200spm/St10mm

10-ton Micro-servo Press (SLP-S10000)

Pressure force 10ton(98kN)
Power source AC200V
Installation area 830mm×800mm
Weight Approx. 1,700kg
Recommended size of mold 300mm×300mm×DH180mm
Stroke length 3~124mm
Open height 280mm
Stroke frequency 200spm/St10mm

Hydraulic Press

Free-shank Type

Pressure force 10ton(98kN)~160ton

Vertical-push Type

Pressure force 10ton(98kN)~160ton

3-plate Type

Pressure force 10ton(98kN)~160ton

Servo Press Unit


Pressure force 0.5ton~2ton
Power source AC200V
Weight Approx. 25kg∼50kg
Stroke length ∼150mm(free set by user
Stroke frequency 200spm/St10mm

Simplified C-type Unit

Pressure force 0.3ton
Power source AC200V
Weight Approx. 25kg
Stroke length ∼50mm(free set by user)
Stroke frequency 200spm/St10mm