Precision Machining Parts

Precision Machining Parts

Using our state-of-the-art ultra precision machining devices and our “masterly technique”, we challenge the limits of precision machining. We manufacture for you even one-piece products. Please consult us!

Machining Bench For Jigs Machining Samples

9 pieces Precision Puzzles

Clearance 1μm

Surface Grinding Machine Ultra Precision Samples

100mm Blocks

Roughness Ry0.21 (Ra0.03)
Parallelism Under 0.2μm
Planarity Under 0.2μm
Squareness 0.2μm

NC Profile Samples

100μm Thickness Wave Punching

50μm Thickness U-form Punching

50μm Ultra-slim Punch

Profiles Ultra-slim Punch Machining

20μm Ultra-slim Punch

50μm x 100 pieces Multi-needle Punch

Mirror-finish Machining Samples Of The Machining Center

Roughness Ry0.25
Mirror finishing 10mm depth 0.40mm

Die-sinking Electric Discharge Mirror-finish Samples

Mirror finishing Ry0.4

Wire-cut Samples

50µm Multi-needle Punch